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A Flight Delay is Better Than a Disaster

So, what do I mean by this? I mean Flight Delays and we all know we hate it when we are told that the flight is delayed because now we must spend more time at the Airports especially on those long international Flights and yes how many of others have experienced this before. But After watching the movie “Sully” I can fully understand why the Captains (Main Head Pilot) of the Flights and Airport Officials refuse to let the Aeroplane take off especially when there are engine problems.

This happened to us in 2004 when were Flying from Singapore to South Africa. Our Flight was supposed to depart at 11h30pm but was told there the flight is delayed due to the Captain is not happy with the Left engine of the Boeing and they were just checking to make sure all is OK before we fly. At that time everybody was already tired and moaning and getting irritable because it was already late, and we already had a 9-hour Overlay – another Topic which I will cover in another Blog. Where am I going with this story? This will all be explained as you read on… at this stage all passengers and myself was not really concerned about the left engine problem we just concerned about the inconvenience although Singapore Airlines gave us phone cards so that we could contact our family members in case they get worried, Hot beverages, snacks and Blankets to make us comfortable. Then the next announcement came “The Captain is still not very happy with the left engine of the Boeing this was about more than 2 hours later at about 2H00am in the early hours of the morning. Then we all realised something is wrong here and people started to panic and some even cried are we ever going to get home. The one passenger called her brother-in-law who was a Pilot and told him what was happening and all he said she must just calm down, the Captain(Pilot) and the Airlines will not take the risk to fly the Boeing because they need to establish the Main problem and they will not Risk any Aviation Safety of the Passengers. We eventually only Departed at 4h30am that morning on the same Boeing by that time we were very Exhausted and Scared. I remembered I sat in the middle of the 3 seats by window section. The Air Hostess gave us our Hot Drinks, Blankets and Pillows and all I told my Husband I am going to sleep now because I was silently scared that we will crash in the ocean. We Landed safely at OR Tambo Johannesburg and we had a smooth Flight.

Then after watching the Movie “Sully” which is the most beautiful Heroic story. A regular, commercial airplane is hit by a flock of geese moments after take-off from New York City’s LaGuardia Airport. Both engines are rendered useless, forcing the captain to perform an emergency landing in the Hudson river. On January 15, 2009, U.S. Airways Flight 1549 was scheduled to fly from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte Douglas International Airport, but instead of landing in North Carolina, the plane ended up floating in the Hudson between New York City and New Jersey. All 155 passengers and crew members on board survived the crash, a feat largely credited to Captain Sullenberger. It was a stunning sight, to say the least, and the story of Captain Sullenberger and the 155 lives he saved became an international sensation. Sullenberger was heralded as an American hero. He was on the cover of magazines, praised by Presidents (both Bush and Obama), and invited to the White House. (Extracted from CBS News)

So where is this Going? I am not trying to make you scared about flying because Travels is exciting, adventurous and it is the mode of transport to visit Overseas destinations whether you are going on Holiday, Business or visiting Family. Now why all this explanation? Where is all this leading to? The message behind all the stories we as Passengers must realise that when the flights are delayed especially due to Technical errors or Faults on the plane we must just have that little bit of patience because it is in our best interest and our safety and the Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers are also Human Beings and they have our Lives in their hands and they get very affected because they care so much for our safety and do not want any Loss of Life and is that not what we want… “Safe Travel Mercies” So I will now practice Patience and also have Big respect to the Pilots and all those involved in our Safe Smooth Flight Travels.

Flight delays can be caused by Plane technical errors, Bad Weather and so many other Factors, But Just remember it is for “Our Safety” and let’s make the best of the situation!
So, what to do when we have Flight Delays I have all my Clients on a Travel App that they share their Itinerary with Family and Friends and that Travel app notifies them of any Travel Delays and where they are just in case they cannot contact us which is so nice to track them. You contact your Travel Agent /Consultant to make alternative arrangements for your Next Flight if the Airline Cannot assist you. Contact your Family or Friends if you can and let them know you are safe and all is well if that is the case. I will cover this topic in another Blog more in Depth.

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“Safe Travel Mercies”


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